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Thursday, October 11, 2007

China Education Alliance (CEDA) sold about half

I sold about half of my CEDA (combined links, sec) today at around $1.15. I started buying CEDA on Dec 11, 2006. Now is when I wish I had been doing more work in digging up new investments.

With CEDA and SDTH am I cutting off the possible long tail gains? Am I overreacting to CXTI?

I bought some NICK, CVU, and CFRI with the cash from this and SDTH. I still have a lot of cash.

UPDATE Tues Oct 16, 2007: Sold the rest this morning. I'm out completely at this point.

I assume you held CEDA in a tax-deferred account. Otherwise, it seems a little impatient to sell before a year is up.
When I first sold CXTI back in January of this year, I tried to play that game of waiting just a few more months with part of my holdings. It turned out to be a bad idea. If it's a week or two, yeah maybe I'll give it a shot. But two months is too long.
Bruce - have two here that might be worth an initial set of DD: SKBI and YHGG. Both are Chinese. SKBI is interesting because of their niche - animal pharma. YHGG is interesting because of their niche (agriculture/health), their size (over $1B revenues), and uplisting intent. Enjoy!
People are always suggesting YHGG, but I looked at it in great detail two years ago. I invested in it for a while. I prefer not to invest in it today.

The other one, I'll pass on.
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