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Saturday, February 18, 2006



1. What is this blog?

It's my own personal notes regarding investments and potential investments. I have a terrible memory and I find the blog format fits with what I'm doing.

Keep in mind this disclosure.

2. Is it associated with Pink Sheets® LLC

No, I use the Pink Sheets as an investor. They're a very old (1904) information services company that, in my opinion, is currently doing a lot of really great things lately. They're working hard to improve the quality and value of what they provide to issuers (i.e. public companies), broker/dealers, and investors.

2. Why make it public?

1) I find that helps me stay focused and honest

2) My hope is to be a source of "wholesale" investment information for people who deal with extremely small cap stocks

3) I may need to find a job at some time doing this stuff and having a public record might help

4) Other people might also do this and create a sort of mini-industry that creates improvement for all its members by "cooperative competition"

5) Hopefully people might notice mistakes that I'm making and point them out.

3. Can I recommend a stock to you?

4. Will you look at it?
Probably not. Sometimes if I've had too many beers, I'll take someone's stock recommendation and quickly check it out, but really, do you trust a drunk investor in a hurry?

5. Do you manage a fund of some sort?
No, but a lot of people I know buy/sell whatever I'm buying/selling.

6. Is this a pump-and-dump scheme?
Technically yes, although it's intended to be over a long time period and the stocks I pick are intended to actually be good investments. If I can accelerate the process of the stock reaching full price by emphasizing important publicly available information, then why not?

7. Do you have a problem with people stealing your ideas? What if they take your investment ideas and present them to a wider audience as their own?
That's really the whole intent here. Consider me a wholesaler.

8. Can I put a link to your blog on my blogroll?

Sure, why not. My intent is to get regular visitors from hedge funds, brokerages, and influential investors. I've been known to "whore" for certain investor trade publications (the examples are obvious) to get lots of traffic which might bring in one or two more of these types of regular visitors.

9. Why is there no advertising?

What's that saying, "whose bread I eat, his song I sing" or something like that? The key purpose of this blog is not to get a lot of traffic (despite what I just wrote above), it's to capture my notes and propagate good investment ideas. I'd rather minimize any motivation to simply increase the traffic for its own sake. Also, the gain that I'd get from cash is way more than offset by the impact on my target audience: I'll get maybe $20 and visitors overall might lose $100 in degraded quality. That cost would come back around to me somehow, perhaps losing good regular visitors.

So with that out of the way, here's the blog

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