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Monday, October 17, 2005

Unusual Copyright Statement

First, everything I write here is Copyright 2005 (or later as the posts will indicate when they were written) by myself, but not all my rights are reserved. You're free to link to any posts if you want. You're free to take whatever actions you want with the securities mentioned, but keep in mind this disclosure and this second disclosure. Just remember I could be totally lying about whatever I say here... but that would be difficult, considering that I've structured it all so that my statements are easily verified by publicly available documents linked nearby. You're free to advocate any company I mention here without referencing this blog or myself. Claim the idea for yourself; I really don't care. I'll never bug you about it and neither should anyone else (unless you copy large amounts of stuff from here word-for-word from several posts and pretend like you wrote it, which would be silly). It's all public information. I can't claim any investment ideas as being mine. Why would I want to? My goal here is to find cheap stocks and wait for them to become fully valued, not to become a respected investor or blog author (those blog ads don't pay very well). I have no desire to be remembered as "that guy who discovered XYZ stock". If other people grab the ideas and run with them, isn't that exactly what I want?

I believe the best information is anything which meets all of these criteria:
  1. By itself, it's a small amount of information
  2. It's essentially unrecognized before it's disclosed
  3. It's easily verified
  4. It's surprising and unexpected
  5. It's based entirely on easily obtainable public information that has been around for a while

An example of this kind of information is the coincidental combination of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon"and the movie The Wizard of Oz. Someone added this little piece of information to the world's knowledge database, although no one seems to know who ("some people down in Los Angeles").

My intention with this blog is to find investment information that fits these criteria, mostly by brute force searching. If I find good investments down in the dark recesses of the securities world, that's great. Over time, more and more people would find them as well (with or without my help). The stocks go up in price as they become more mainstream. By the time they're in the S&P 500, they have a high P/E ratio and they end up in everyone's 401K portfolio where investments increase at about the same rate as the overall economy. The people who make money are the people in the chain between finding the stock and putting it on the S&P 500.


So essentially, "all in all, your just another brick in the wall."

Sorry, couldn't resist with the Pink Floyd comment.
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