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Saturday, June 23, 2007


BEGIN NON-INVESTMENT CHATTER: I've been posting only about once a week lately. I've been doing various other things, which I think is a good idea to keep things interesting. I've spent 6 months attempting to get good at cooking Indian curry based foods. I think I reached a high point just recently with a particularly interesting version of Lamb Vindaloo. Developing a good sense of making a curry has improved the quality of all sorts of other foods I make. For instance, if you make beef stew in the manner of a curry (not the ingredients, but the techniques), it's amazingly good. END NON-INVESTMENT CHATTER.

I was planning to collect together all the "fast and furious" joint venture deals Strathmore Minerals has been doing to get a sense for how it all looks, but StockInterview.com just did a wonderful review. Excellent! Strathmore is making good progress. They also did a great interview of a Yellowcake Mining board member and it provides more insight into one of the joint venture partners of Strathmore. It's looking like the ramp-up schedule could be accelerated from what was presented here.

In addition, Strathmore got shareholder approval to spin off the Canadian/Peru properties. Fission Energy Corporation.
Strathmore is now proceeding to obtain final court approval and all regulatory approvals in order to complete and implement the Plan of Arrangement.
CEDA amended their financing. Doesn't seem catastrophic.

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