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Friday, October 13, 2006

Results 1

Looking at my investment decisions vs actual stock prices starting from the first posts on this blog. These early ones were mostly junky stuff. Later on, I filtered most of that out before posting here.

B-Fast (BFTC) overall outlook: somewhat negative
Result: neutral
Grade: good

BakBone Software (BKBO) overall outlook: started out neutral, but then I ended up investing in it.
Result: neutral
Grade: bad so far

Lift-a-loft overall outlook: none

Live World (LVWD) overall outlook: started out very positive, became an investment, then bailed out.
Result: investing was somewhat of a wrong decision but not terrible by any means, bailing out was correct. Stock price has gone up somewhat.
Grade: fair

Lincoln Logs (LCLG) overall outlook: bad
Result: stock price change unknown, but they're still losing money
Grade: correct

Ballistic Recovery Systems (BRSI) overall outlook: somewhat negative, then negative
Result: stock is way down.
Grade: correct

Ballston Spa National Bank (BSPA) overall outlook: overpriced by a factor of 2.
Result: stock is up somewhat. FDIC #6959. Net income is actually down somewhat for Q2 vs prior year $473K vs $485K (FDIC database) on somewhat higher assets. They're still somewhat over capitalized.
Grade: fair

Bank of Salem [Oregon] (BSOG): I said they were worth about $11.30 per share (stock price was $17), but worth watching since they had good ROA, ROE and other factors from the FDIC database.
Results: stock is unchanged.
Grade: fair

Bank of the James (BOJF): This seemed like a good investment and I owned shares for a while (till I found other stuff I liked better). I figured it was worth about $22 solid, and selling for $17.
Result: stock price went up to $22 and has then fallen back somewhat.
Grade: good

Bay National Corporation (was BANI, now BAYN): I said it was selling for about what it was worth.
Result: stock went up to $23 from around $17.
Grade: fair

UPDATE Oct 15, 2006:
This proves why I need to keep notes. I forgot that I had already gone back and looked at these companies not long ago here. D'oh!

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