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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Animal Cloning Sciences (ANML)

2 year chart, sec

69930 Highway 111
Suite 100
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

10-K report
"The company has no employees. The officers of the Company do not work exclusively for the Company." They're basically inactive... or so they say.
The Company had been conducting research on cloning horses and evaluating license agreements to distribute equine DNA for equine clones. The Company was focusing its research on a cloning method that would lend itself to commercialization of equine cloning.

In early 2003, the Company was informed by the USDA that its license to import frozen embryos, which was expected to be issued, would not be forthcoming because of concerns arising due to the tragic events occurring on September 11, 2001. As a result, the Company ceased its efforts at cloning and disposed of assets used for cloning in the third quarter of 2003.
I'm not sure I understand the connection between 9/11 and horse embryos. but I suppose it could show up in the next Oliver Stone movie.
As of September 3, 2003, the Company is considered to have re-entered the development stage.
...if by "development" they mean zero assets and $830K liabilities. The good news is that they're at cash flow break-even (think about it).

But I hear that whenever there's a lightning storm in Rancho Mirage, a bolt of lightning always strikes that building on Highway 111 followed by all sorts of mad animal noises. And doesn't it seem odd that the CFO's name is "Mork"?

Looking back at the 10-K they issued in 2002, their business plan seems like it was a bit meaningless.
The Company expects that its research in cloning and freezing horse embryos will have an application in freezing cat and dog embryos.
Texas A & M University has announced the successful cloning of a cat. The university has stated they are close to cloning a dog. So far scientists have cloned sheep, cattle, goats, monkeys, pigs, cats, and mice.

Competition. Thus far nobody has cloned a horse. Animal cloning research is being conducted by many organizations throughout the world. Most research efforts are directed towards farm animals. More than a dozen companies are researching dog, cat, and horse cloning.
Is it just me, or is this totally pointless and without any clear path to profit. Pure "underpants gnomes" type stuff.

Plus, everyone knows that if you clone an animal, it becomes a hideous beast. And the name "Animal Cloning Sciences" is totally boring compared to, say, Genetic Savings and Clone (Investors are still in the doghouse). View the clones if you dare!

UPDATE: Going further with Genetic Savings and Clone, they have an important page on dealing with "Emergencies".
If your pet has been deceased for one or two days and you live in the USA, take the following actions:

1. Refrigerate but don't freeze your pet. [and you probably don't want to marinate with teriyaki sauce or anything like that]

2. Call your veterinarian and schedule an immediate biopsy procedure.

3. Review the PetBank service options, and call us toll-free at (888) 833-6063 to place an order.

After you order, we'll ship a BioBox to your veterinarian along with biopsy instructions and a prepaid return shipping label. When the biopsy procedure is complete, instruct your veterinarian to ship the BioBox to us along with the included paperwork.

Oh man, I want one of those BioBoxes!

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