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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

China Expert Technology (CXTI) Links

This is just one person's notes about CXTI, and some comments from myself and others in the comments sections.

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Beginning Look
2004 10-K
8-K Filings
Q1 2005 Results
Q2 2005 Results Assessment
Private Placement
Nov 11, 2005: Closed out investment but I bought back in not long after that
stop and think in December
what can go wrong
Q3 2005 Results - diff'ing the amended Q3 2005 Results
March 8, 2006 announcement
CXTI wins a small contract
Shishi City Contract for $41 million
phase 3 and 4 of Dehua
2005 10-K
CXTI Convertibles
Q1 2006
Misc thoughts on ETLT, CXTI, and Strathmore
New SEC filings on June 16, 2006
Amended 2004 10-K
Phase 2 of Fujian
amended consultant contract, July 17, 2006 no useful information here
Nan'an contract, July 19, 2006
134,281 shares shorted
Q2 2006
debenture agreement, Nov 2, 2006
Q3 2006
another contract, Dec 4, 2006
two more big wins, Dec 14, 2006
contracts for Quangang in Quanzhou and Pingtang in Fuzhou, Dec 18, 2006
two more big wins: Mawei and Yongtai in Fuzhou, Fujian, Dec 20, 2006
some thoughts on Dec 22, 2006
Q4 partial results, March 30, 2007, sold the last of my stock
CFO resigns, July 20, 2007, bought back in
10-K 2006, Aug 1, 2007
Q1 2007, Aug 1, 2007
conference call, Aug 3, 2007
bought some more, Sept 10, 2007
then sold it all on Sept 13 at a big loss
trading suspended, Oct 2, 2007

JLF Asset Management bought 34% of this company. Can verifiy this through SEC filings. Just thought that you might find this useful.
Thanks for the info. I already mentioned this here. I guess I should add that as one of the CXTI links. JLF was accused last year of "window dressing". If it's true, then we might have an opportunity to sell near the end of trading on Dec 29 and buy back cheaper on Jan 2. Also, the guy bought 17.75% of the company rather than 34% if I understand correctly.
Here are the figures from the latest SEC filings:
Jeffery Feinberg 5,161,653 17.75%
JLF Partners 2,084,910 7.17%
JLF Offshore 2,914,584 10.02%

Maybe these figures include short term and long term warrants. The window dressing propostion is probly true of many small cap China plays.

Have watched this guy opperate. Usually likes to buy stock directly from the company at substantial discount. He probably went to CXTI directly, and was turned down. Next was the open market purchases

What does think that this might be worth in 18 to 36 months, and how does he get out of his position.
I believe the last two are overlapping with the first one based on the 13G filing.
Jeffrey L. Feinberg: 5,161,643 shares
JLF Asset Management, L.L.C.: 5,161,643 shares
JLF Partners I, L.P.: 2,084,910 shares
JLF Offshore Fund, Ltd.: 2,914,584 shares
The aggregate amount is listed as 5,161,643 and from my reading, this is the total number of shares involved. Feinberg has shared power with two different funds.
you might be right. this is from the filing
Item 4. Ownership.

Provide the following information regarding the aggregate number and
percentage of the class of securities of the issuer identified in Item 1.

(a) Amount beneficially owned:

Jeffrey L. Feinberg: 5,161,643 shares
JLF Asset Management, L.L.C.: 5,161,643 shares
JLF Partners I, L.P.: 2,084,910 shares
JLF Offshore Fund, Ltd.: 2,914,584 shares

(b) Percent of class:

Jeffrey L. Feinberg: 17.75%
JLF Asset Management, L.L.C.: 17.75%
JLF Partners I, L.P.: 7.17%
JLF Offshore Fund Ltd.: 10.02%
maybe some double counting.or alternative JLF asset holds 162,149 shares the the other funds hold the other shares. That way I can come back to 5,161,643 shares.
you can blog on pink sheet stocks at www.pinksheetblog.com
I believe jlf ownership was around 40% of the float ot 20% of the total outstanding shares.
This was a decent stock, but what everyone must realize is that penny stocks are worthless. Don't get me wrong, you can make money... but you must realize that you cannot get emotional about them and marry them.

I normally check out this
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See, you have to go with the news, chart, volume and price breakout... I'm already up 240% with pennys while so far the market is down. So yes, pennys are very profitable, but they can take you for everything you got as well.

I saw that my link didn't work.
I think now is the time to hop back into chinese stocks after the recent pullback.
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