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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Misc Thoughts

I guess I'm on hiatus since I haven't done much lately. The press release from Strathmore is interesting, but doesn't affect my valuation much. I had assumed zero pounds of uranium from Waterbury Lake. If they find anything there it'll be a bonus. The spot price of uranium went up even further to $40. The press release (and 8-K) from CXTI shows that they bit off more than they can chew. It doesn't look all that bad. But that's what a margin of safety is all about.

I'm currently fully invested and I intend to follow my investments closely, but searching for investments just isn't a high priority right now. I'm revisiting stuff again, but not keeping notes (admitedly a huge mistake that I'll need to fix). I'll probably post some notes before too long on revisiting companies. I expect to cover all of them at once, in order to keep it simple.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan considers executing a man for
the crime of converting to Christianity 16 years ago.
Well, like the judge said, it's "an attack on Islam."

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