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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Berkshire Hathaway stock says Buy Me

I can't even express how difficult it is to stop myself from buying Berkshire stock when the "A" shares dipped below $100K and then Buffett starts buying back shares.  Note that unless you're investing millions, I think it's a mistake to buy the "A" shares, even if you can.

Buffett makes his thinking very clear in the everything he writes.  It's extremely straight forward and rational.  He's buying back shares because it's the best allocation of excess captial that he can find, given the limited opportunities available when dealing in billions.  He's saying Berkshire stock is cheap, and he's probably the best or 2nd best person to make that judgment call (Charlie Munger is the other one).

I hope that I'm making the right call by holding out and keeping a high percentage of cash.  I consider Berkshire to be a very easy 50% gain at this point.  It feels crazy not to buy it.

I've found that things very often feel wrong when they're the right decision.

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