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Monday, August 17, 2009

American River Bankshares

American River Bankshares (AMRB)
FDIC #24655


FDIC doesn't have Q2 up yet. Mar 31, 2009
比較 all US bank holding companies $500M to $1B
Heavily into commercial real estate (probably bad right now)
All past due looks pretty good
5.57% interest income vs 5.15%
1.01% interest exp vs 1.86%
net int income 4.56% vs 3.29%
slightly higher provision
low non-interest income
0.93% income vs 0.32% (of total assets)
higher chargeoffs
5.05% net interest margin (vs 3.60%)
0.93% ROA (vs 0.32%)
9.08% ROE
50.76% efficiency
Core capital: 8.36% vs 8.96%
Tier 1 captial: 10.55% vs 11.51%
Total risk-based capital: 11.80% vs 12.78%
$558 million ave assets

Set the wayback machine to June 2005
Seems pretty sane vs peer group

10-Q for 6/30/09
5.8 million shares on Aug 12, 2009
Lost 12 cents/sh, kept 14 cent dividend
Gained 10 cents for 6 months.
382K options outstanding ($17.19 strike, 7y)
$81 million commitments
Wow, 5.16% of total loans are non-accruing and/or 90 days late
The amount of non-performing loans jumped from 6.2 million in Dec to $21 million in June. 12 additional loans and leases.
Recoveries have been negligible.
Deposits increased by $12.6 million.
Off balance sheet stuff: credit commitments, letters of credit only. No derivatives. $72 million down from $80 million
+200basis points increase in rates would supposedly cause $323K hit.

I'd guess it's worth $15.

Bruce, if you are really interested in banks, you should look at the banks of Puerto Rico. WHI, FBP, DRL, BPOP, OFG, SBP , EUBK etc. They are still very cheap and have some very positives trends about to come their way.

Let me know if you want more info. I have tons.
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