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Friday, September 19, 2008

Conforce International (CFRI)

Investor shows up at the front door of Conforce. Warren Buffett did this at GEICO when he was a kid.

UPDATE Jan 29, 2008:
It's great to see that Conforce finally got an actual order for $1 million, possibly extending to $4 million. That's huge.

Hi Bruce,

Conforce has filed with the Sec. Includes a couple of updates and audited Financials.
Yes, this is a good step.
Hi Bruce,

I'm emailing you in regards to an email I sent to you last month about a partnership, have you had a chance to think about it?

If you have any questions or would more information, please advise me and we can go from there.

Kind Regards,
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Yeah, I saw that when it came out today!
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