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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Conforce International (CFRI) says nothing

Conforce International (combined links) took time out of their busy day to say pretty much nothing. But to give them credit, they did provide a date by when they will tell us whatever they know by that time, likely nothing again I suspect. But at least they haven't skipped town.

This press release today says nothing about the military Letter of Intent with a supplier to the US Military.
According to the company's US Military contractor, the awarding of the contract has been delayed pending administrative clarifications.... In the event that the agreement has not been executed by August 19, 2008, the Company will provide shareholders and interested parties with an update as to the status of the negotiations.
You may now return to whatever you were doing.
cat found

You are right. Stockholders are getting REALLY tired of their bull shit. Go ahead and send Conforce an e mail to look them know how you feel about their company. I see failure coming.
Actually that wouldn't be my reaction at all. Lots of people are angry at the company, but I'm not at all.
Hey Bruce,
QT Report out. On another note have you seen any articles or other info about Conforce International? What does your spidey sense tell you on this one?
Thanks and good luck on your investments.

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For the 3 month period ended June 30, 2008 (Q1)
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