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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Inactivity Confirmed

Quick Note: I considered selling shares of Fission Energy and buying shares of Strathmore Minerals, but decided against it. The reason is due to one of the main conclusions I reached while in Australia: play the big moves and don't treat them like little moves. Both Fission and Strathmore are big moves.

Fission was a spinoff from Strathmore (1 for 3) and I bought more for prices under 50 cents. It's been going well over a dollar in the last day or so while Strathmore has sunk to what is probably a multi-year low.

I don't know why the market is finding Fission Energy valuable (it's just an exploration company with property in Canada and Peru) while Strathmore has properties that are moving toward production. But I've decided against doing any sort of quasi-arbitrage.

Fission is moving because of Hathore's drilling results. Hathore pulled a really nice hole "10's of meters" from Fission's property.
I just read an article on investing in materials that I think you would interested in - basically, they were pro-materials (especially raw materials such as iron and minerals). At any rate, you can check it out yourself at http://fisher-investments.typepad.com
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