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Monday, January 14, 2008

Fission Energy (FIS, FSSIF) finds uranium in Australia??

There's a news report that Fission Energy, the spinoff from Strathmore Minerals has discovered some half-pound-per-ton uranium ore at shallow depth in South Australia. It's not that this is a big find, what surprises me is that they even had any claims down under?!?! I thought it was only in Canada and Peru.

Looking at a PDF about a Fission Energy IPO shows that this is apparently a different company. FIS/FSSIF never had an IPO, it was a spinoff from Strathmore. This particular Fission Energy has 40 uranium exploration licenses in Australia. They aren't very far along with anything, it seems.

UPDATE Tues Jan 15, 2008:
StockInterview comes back to life with an article on the spot price of uranium. However, I find the interesting part is the chart at the bottom of the article showing changes in the long term price.

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