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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Not much is going on right now. I haven't been posting because I really don't have much to say. Shengda Tech has been taking off, but it's only a small investment. D'oh! CVU won a significant order valued at $15.9 million. The whole uranium market has been going well. For the Cigar Lake mine, analysts are now saying that even 2011 is unlikely, which is good for Strathmore Minerals and other uranium players. It also looks like the Rabbit Lake flood is going to be worse than I had thought. There's a lot of speculation about where the price of uranium is going. I'm fine with it staying roughly where it is. But a lot of the hedge fund uranium has been loaned out to utilities. CFRI has been going up, but it's still down significantly from where I bought it, so that's not particularly wonderful.

Basically, I'm waiting for these things to play out. I've been busy with other stuff and I'm happy to have these investments stewing for a while. I don't expect to be doing much posting any time soon. Not unless I find something interesting and very cheap.

You have some good penny stock info on your blog! I recently left investing on the Big Board to find some nanocap gems in the pinks!

I have been keeping my eye on (EFGU:OTC) Empire Film Group. This stock has been looking good. 2008 may be the break out year for these folks!

I have just completed my new penny stock blog at
PennyStocks and PinkSheets Blog

I put the blog together for someone who is new to the pennies and pinks. I noticed there are not enough blogs talking about the pink sheets! Keep up the good work with your blog!

Mr. Penny
I have found CWBYF to be both interesting and cheap, considering recent news and its discount to cash in the bank.
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