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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pink Sheets transforms

In Internet years (like dog years), this blog has been going for a very long time. I started it by doing things differently than I had in the past. Looking at the Pink Sheets nowadays, they've transformed the way they handle and present information so well that I no longer feel the need to add a layer of information processing on top of it to do investment work (which has been a real pain to do).

I'm very impressed with how they've created classes of companies and the little symbols associated with them: "Caveat Emptor", "Grey Market", "No Information", "Limited Information", "Current Information", OTCBB, Pink Sheets & OTCBB, PrimeQX, PrimeQX International, PremierQX, and PremierQX International. I'll bet Pink sheets has a shrine honoring SarBox and hoping it lives forever. Regardless, I believe there's a real need for this sort of private tiered certification.

I've started working more directly with the Pink Sheets website in searching for companies and info instead of using scripts and EDGAR directly. like this instead of this. Different location, same information. A lot of little improvements have made a very big difference.

In other news, given the search capability of Blogger, I've decided to stop maintaining an index of posts (Blogger should really do this automatically).

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