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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Conforce (CFRI) "interview"

Conforce International CFRI (combined links) announced an "interview" today, which was pretty much just an audio PR thing, driving the stock price of CFRI down by nearly 40%. I was playing freecell, so I hope I didn't miss anything. Humorously, the interviewer mentioned the exciting stock market results of CFRI reaching 1 million shares of trading. They probably weren't expecting the exciting 40% drop. "Exciting" cuts both ways.

My impression of the CEO is not particularly great (long strings of cliches with occasional information), but he seems adequate. Their actions are better than their words.

I'd say the bigger news is the trial order for a highway trailer product.
...a trial order for its newly developed EKO-FLOR Highway Trailer flooring system from The Netherlands-based ATC Houthandel b.v. ("ATC"). ATC is a leading manufacturer of wood floors for trailer and closed box-vans in Western Europe.
I bought some shares today (selling a small amount of Strathmore Minerals).

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