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Monday, March 05, 2007

Google Ban

It appears that Google has done to this site what it did to a lot of sites on its China service: made it disappear. Even on a blog search. Even if you're not searching for "pink sheets". It's a total ban. A couple weeks ago, this was on the front page of both of these searches. It still is front page over at Yahoo and MSN.

It's obviously entirely within Google's rights to show or not show any given site. My guess is that Pink Sheets LLC complained to them saying that this blog somehow infringes on the Pink Sheets name. Fortunately, not being "google-able" doesn't really make any difference. I already have the regular readers that I was looking for and, besides, Google's evil.

UPDATE next day:
Thanks to Jeff (in the comments), I went through the webmaster tools of Google and hopefully everything will clear up. I still don't know why the blog was removed, but it could be because their tools viewed it as spam with nothing but search words. That would be funny because this blog tends to be a bit terse and obscure. I added their recommended meta identifier to the template.

But looking at Google's statistics, this is at #8 when searching for "pink sheets", #1 for "pink sheets blog", and #8 for "Strathmore Minerals Corp".

UPDATE March 16, 2007:
The blog is back up on Google. "pink sheets" or "pink sheets blog"

You may want to use Google's webmaster tools to determine why the site was removed and/or file a reinclusion request.
Details about filing a reinclusion request and a pointer to Google's webmaster tools is here.
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