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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Conforce International (CFRI) conference call questions

Conforce International (combined links) announced a conference call for Tuesday April 17, 2007 at 4:15pm EDT. They invite investors to submit questions via email (see the link) before the call. Here are the questions I sent to them, listed in priority order from what I consider most important to least important:

1) How will the future rollout of EKO-FLOR be financed? Will shareholder dilution be involved and, if so, how much can be expected? Would a "rights offering" make sense? How does company liquidity affect how fast EKO-FLOR will be ramped up?

2) What is the company's liquidity situation going forward? What are the sources and potential sources of liquidity?

3) Given that EKO-FLOR will be on allocation in 2007, why was Oceanex chosen for the first trial order?

4) Does the Company know about any current efforts by other companies to develop other composite container floors?

5) What are the long term limitations on the percentage of overall container market share that EKO-FLOR can attain?

6) Can the Company provide any details on the situation with the apitong plywood market? Any anecdotes about quality or price changes? Are there any clear long term trends in supply?

7) What are the Company's views about alternatives to both apitong and composites, such as bamboo?

8) Any details about the manufacturing of EKO-FLOR? Who? Where? When? How?

9) Can the Company provide any information about the anticipated pricing of EKO-FLOR?

10) At what point would it make sense to have the Company's financial statements audited?

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