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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New uranium website

www.U3O8.biz just started up this week. The uranium investment area is starting to get a bit frothy.

Phase 1) "Uranium?!?!?! You're crazy to invest in uranium!"
Phase 2) "Uranium? What do you mean? I didn't know you could invest in it."
Phase 3) A small group of people find uranium to be a good investment. It shows up on websites, the best newsletters (remember those?).
Phase 4) The investing world starts to take notice. More newsletters, more websites.
Phase 5) The investing world goes wild. The non-investing world starts to take notice.
Phase 6) Uranium becomes Time Magazine "person of the year" or else just shows up on the covers of Business Week and Money Magazine.

It's pretty much common knowledge that by the time you reach Phase 6, the price is going down, probably soon. Also, typically the best time to invest is somewhere between Phase 1 and Phase 2, although in the case of uranium, Phase 2 was decades long.

I'd say Phase 4 started when the Cigar Lake mine flooded in October.

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