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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Conforce International (CFRI) new VP

Conforce International (covered here) hired a new VP of operations. Since the company is going to be ramping up very fast, this particular individual is very important to the business.
Mr. Tonon joins Conforce after working with Royal Group Technologies (now Georgia Gulf) for over 19 years. Mr. Tonon began with the Royal organization in 1986 as a Manager for Jovien Associates, a division of Royal Plastics Group, where he was responsible for the construction of the company's numerous manufacturing facilities. From 1991 to 1996, Mr. Tonon traveled extensively around the world in order to assist in the design, development and global marketing of revolutionary plastic based modular housing systems. In 1996, Mr. Tonon was asked to relocate to Argentina where he was promoted to the position of Director of Operations for Royal Mercosur Argentina Ltda. S.A., a division of Royal Group Technologies. While there, his responsibilities included the setup of the manufacturing operations and the training of the facility's personnel for the assembly of the company's complete line of PVC and composite products for sale in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina. The company received numerous awards in the manufacturing sector from the Government of Argentina.

In 2000, Mr. Tonon returned to Canada where he was promoted to the position of President for Prince Plastics, a division of Royal Group Technologies. During his six years with Prince, the division experienced triple-digit growth and was responsible for the design and manufacture of PVC fence boards, deck boards and railings for distribution to big box outlets such as Home Depot Canada, Home Depot USA and Lowes USA.
Prince Plastics seems to be in India (not the same area of products), while Royal Group still has plastic fencing. In Aug 2005, they introduced a composite building material, Celucor.
Until Celucorâ„¢, market choices were limited to soft and hard woods, vinyl, and first-generation composite materials.
Sound familiar?

This guy will work on developing manufacturing around the world, ealing with all the usual supply chain issues.

Seems like a good choice from what they say.

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