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Thursday, January 18, 2007


CCOMP, COLONIAL COMMERCIAL CORP., website, sec, yahoo, chart, Conv Pfd; Conv into 1 sh Com

HVAC distributor in most of New Jersey and Lower New York State. Exclusive Amana distributor. Lots of dilution happening. could end up being a showstopper. Margins aren't so hot. Inventories and AR are expanding too fast. Heavy balance sheet which isn't very strong, lots of debt, not much equity. Good revenue growth, however. Might be worth about $2.00. They had NOLs but those seem to have run out. Currently selling for slightly less than $2.00.

CHBP, CHINA BIOPHARMACEUTICALS HOLDINGS, INC., no website, sec, yahoo, chart, Com

China drug company, somewhat cheap? Possible high growth?

CHCG, CHINA 3C GROUP, no website, sec, yahoo, chart, Com ($0.001)

Communications products (fax machines, etc.) distribution. This is really a few companies merged together. Sells to both large and small retailers. In-house credit determination system. 5 main competitors identified. 132 employees. 50 million shares, 9 million warrants (for services)? Expected low gross margins, but high net margins. Seems like high growth. Making aggressive acquisitions with cash and stock. Changed their director compensation by-laws. Significant board member changes. Made a deal recently, applied for AMEX listing and expect 27 cents earnings for 2006 among other notable disclosures including some big plans. Might be worth over $4.25. Selling for $4.25. Definitely worth following.

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