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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Some C companies

CAFE, HOST AMERICA CORP., website, sec, yahoo, chart, Com ($0.001)
Food service management (businesses, schools, nursing homes). Focused in the Northeast (CT, Boston, Muncie IN). Oddly enough, they're also in the "energy management" business (efficient lighting), they're setting up a system in 10 Wal*Mart stores.

Two open letters to shareholders (1, 2) in 2006 explaining why they stopped reporting and what they're doing about it. They're having some cash flow problems due to the accounting and legal work. They placed 440K new shares. Auditors resigned. The new energy management business has new products in beta test.

Dec 21, 2006 press release: Q1 ending Sept 30 had a lower loss because the prior year had bad one-time charges. Big time dilution. The company is now up-to-date with SEC filings.

Based on Q1, they're losing money, but improving. Doubts about going concern. The characteristics of the business look pretty bad.

CAUI, CANAM URANIUM CORP., no website, sec, yahoo, chart, Com ($0.001)
extremely junior uranium explorer, SEC has issues.

UPDATE May 12, 2007: People seem to be searching the web for this company and wondering if it's a fraud. Seems to me, you're asking the wrong question. Really, you should be learning as much as possible about uranium mining and what it takes to be a viable mining company that's worth anything. Lucky for you, I've written a lot of stuff and collected a lot of links about uranium mining. The central location for that is HERE. David Miller of Strathmore and other big experts in the field have a lot of negative things to say about most of the junior uranium mining companies. I have no idea whether CanAm is good or bad, but I'm not the one who's trying to find out. Good luck.

CAXG, CHINA AOXING PHARMACEUTICAL CO., INC., no website, sec, yahoo, chart, Com ($0.001)(New)
Struggling Chinese reverse merger developing painkiller drugs for China. They're one of the first non-government entities to get approval from the "Chinese FDA". But they're in a bad financial state (big loans and they need more) just as they're about to introduce the drugs. Worth following to see what happens.

CBFE, CHINA BIOLIFE ENTERPRISES, INC., website, sec obsolete, yahoo, chart, Com ($0.002)
Bamboo juice, Chinese reverse merger, website is "under construction"

UPDATE Dec 28, 2006:
Here's an interesting article by Van Der Berg that's kind of long, but worth it. It starts out looking at stuff like interest rates, inflation, etc. and then dives into investing methodology.

He quotes Karl Menninger, a psychiatrist:
"The voice of intelligence... is drowned out by the roar of fear. It is ignored by the voice of desire. It is contradicted by the voice of shame. It is biased by hate and extinguished by anger. Most of all, it is silenced by ignorance."
And then he goes on to offer psychological states of the market that he likes to buy into. Apathy. Fear. Panic. But the ultimate irrational state is anger.
When you get angry in the stock market and therefore lose control of your emotions, you will cause yourself some serious problems. In fact, we have a wonderful bellwether in our operation. Whenever we buy a stock that people are angry with, our switchboard lights up. Clients will say, "What are you doing buying that stock?! I don't want that thing in my portfolio."
So when people call us up and tell us they're angry about a stock we're buying, we know we've got a winner....
hat tip to Squidprorow over at Motley Fool

I've been working on going through stocks that I've looked at before. In trying to do this quickly, I haven't been taking any public notes. I'm also looking at a potential investment.

That's funny, you have listed companies that are OTCBB companies, such as CAUI and claim there is no information. They are a reporting issuer. Take a look at OTCBB.com. CAUI.OB. As for the other ones, do you even have an education to be making these comments. I hope you put disclaimers, because you're misleading the public. The website is www.canamuranium.com. All OTCBB companies are listed on the Pinksheets, but if they do not pay the Pinksheets fees, they dont update it. Thats Pinksheets issue.
The name of the blog is:
Pink Sheets
Running notes of possible investments (not limited to the pink sheets)

"Take a look at OTCBB.com"

Notice that OTCBB.com is listed as one of the links on the right side of this blog. It always has been. Since I've always linked to it on my blog, it's safe to say I've looked at it (and I look at it fairly often).

"you have listed companies that are OTCBB companies, such as CAUI and claim there is no information"

Here's what I wrote about CAUI:
"extremely junior uranium explorer, SEC has issues."

The SEC wouldn't have issues if they weren't reporting to the SEC.

I'm quite aware of the typical dual listing of companies.
What about CAXG, they are trading at $3.50 on the OTCBB...

Just the term, has issues was a funny thing to say as they seemed to be drilling and news has been consistant. But that's ok, its an opinion. I didn't see the link to OTCBB, thanks for pointing it out.
...also, my automated scripts create the line which says whether or not there's a website. But just to be safe, I set up the scripts to do a Google search on the name (which is the 2nd link on each automated line). When I find something significantly interesting, I typically update missing websites.

There's no way I could have gone through 7,000 companies without some forms of automation. I knowingly threw away companies that were probably good and missed things.

I understand that someone who bought a uranium company and watched the price plummet, for them to find that I didn't do complete and full dilligence in order to give them emotional support, allow me to open the world's tiniest violin case.
...also, check out what I wrote about uranium here
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