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Friday, December 22, 2006

Q. P. Corporation (QPCPY)

Q. P. Corporation (pink sheets, no sec, website) ADR: 1 ADR = 2 shares of common stock.

I stumbled into this stock when debugging a script problem and noticed the address of the company that was causing a snag was listed as "Shibuya", which is one of those major landmarks in Japan that everyone knows about (busiest intersection in the world, supposedly).

In the "our business" part of their website, they describe what they produce:
2005 annual report

Their mascot looks suspiciously like the Tarako kewpie doll. Wait a minute. This is the same Kewpie company that makes Tarako brand pasta sauce! Oddly enough, I covered the whole "tarako" fad on my alternative blog here. While I don't believe in socially responsible investing, I have to draw the line somewhere.

Actually, they seem overpriced based on declining earnings (roughly 53 cents per diluted ADR), a low return-on-equity ratio, and inhumane marketing.
not worth following

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