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Sunday, December 17, 2006

going back into search mode

With CXTI going up rapidly, after dumping ETLT, and with the uranium prices jumping to very high levels, I figure I'm likely to have a lot of cash to invest within the next 6 months or so. Last time it took me more than 6 months to get settled on a set of investments (including buying and then dumping a number of things like YHGG, BOJF, SCCB, and LVWD).

So once again, I'm dusting off the automated scripts, hiring child laborers, and preparing to make another pass through the Pink Sheets. I've had people ask me a lot of questions about the process I use and the most misunderstood thing is something fairly subtle. I don't care if I miss some good investments. I have fairly simple rules for selecting things to look at in detail and those rules are guaranteed to miss things. "If you throw out all banks and all mines, how do you know all banks and mines are bad investments?" Obviously they aren't since I own stock in a uranium mining company and I was briefly invested in two different community banks in 2005.

This time I've signed up 50% more laborers; that's counting Russians. Some of the work has started already.

Last time I initially didn't post the companies which passed the first level filter but not the second level filter. I'm thinking this time I'll post them after I sift through them. Otherwise it gets hard to track what's going on.


You should take a look and consider HRBN.ob I've been shifting a lot of money into it myself recently, my entire ETLT holding and some money from slowly selling JST due to valuation. Their growth as new factories com online in 2008 should be truly impressive, and they seem like one of the more legit Chinese reverse mergers. Undervalued too at 11x P/E.

I looked at HRBN a while back and I'll be looking at it again. I agree that it might be significantly undervalued.
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