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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Strathmore (STM.V, STHJF) stakes another claim

Strathmore Minerals (combined links) issued a press release today.

Gas Hills Uranium District in Wyoming. 45 miles east of Riverton. Looks like it's in the Teton National Forest. Good luck with permitting, even if Dave Miller is in the Wyoming legislature.

Roll front deposits in sandstone (hopefully very porous) between shales and mudstones making ISR* likely. Uranium trend at 300 feet deep found at the property boundary. Some exploration done in the 70s and 80s. Recall that Strathmore owns a large amount of database records.

Notable infrastructure exists on the property: haulage roads, electrical power lines (presumably usable?). Looks like they plan about 60 drill holes after getting a permit. They already started the eco studies (archeology/flora/fauna) assuming they get mining permitting on the property.

* everyone seems to be calling ISL (in situ leaching) mining ISR (in situ recovery) mining lately, probably to make it sound better (like how they changed nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to just magnetic resonance spectroscopy to keep the Church of Latter Day Environmentalists from false witch hunting). In reality the "leaching" uses acids or bases about as caustic as baking soda or vinegar and it's all extracted back out.

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