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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Misc Notes

Spot price of uranium up another 25 cents to $56.00.

BakBone Software was named Storage Partner of the Year by Sun Microsystems at Sum Forum 2006, but it wasn't a joint announcement.

ETLT shareholder meeting is Thursday (Oct 12). No known shareholders going. These things are almost always worthless except for Berkshire and a few others. ETLT stock has been going up, it reached 55 cents today. 4x volume. Is management talking to someone?

Searched for stock of Allen Organ (previously AORGB). Looked at it here, delisted. Nothing on the website or anywhere else obvious. International installations. D'oh! Still own some NICK, great! Jones Soda, too flavory for drinking any quantity? [I tried an experiment drinking even a small amount on a regular basis but just gave up and switched to IBC Root Beer, which rocks. Both brands tend to be cleaned out of the store whenever I go in. Buffett made a comment about Coca Cola not leaving an aftertaste vs most other soft drinks. I first looked at JSDA here.]

International Barrier Technology building materials (IBTGF, sec). Last looked at them here, was at 81 cents, currently under 60 cents. 10-K: around 30 million shares (2.2 million options + 1.9 million warrants). BC Canada. Volume shipped is increasing every quarter. Operating and net income stinks. Low margins. Seems capital intensive. Good balance sheet. 12% officer/director ownership. It's still one of those "who knows" stocks. Go back to sleep....

UPDATE next day:
This guy seems to own 5% of ETLT, which is surprisingly easy to do, given the small market cap of the company (it only takes about $600K).

UPDATE 10/14/06:
I tried another Jones Soda today, "Fufu Berry Soda". I just think Jones Soda has it all wrong. This is all my opinion and I don't know anything about the soft drink business, but it seems like you either want to make something that's like Coca Cola, which you drink all the time or else you make something like, well, like brandy: something to savor, with complex aromas, rather than to wash down a hamburger.

North Korea overshadowed by Iowahawk.
But NK's official text is funnier.

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