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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Flamemaster (FAME)

Flamemaster (website, old sec) "a specialty chemicals manufacturer servicing the aerospace and defense industries with high performance aircraft sealants and coatings." I last looked at them here.

These guys declared their 67th consecutive quarterly dividend: 1.7 cents, which is a 50% reduction "to preserve cash for relocation to a larger facility located in Pacoima CA. The Company hopes to complete the relocation sometime in the next quarter."

They reported Q3 results back in July. Both 3 month and 9 month revenues were up. 9 month earnings were 38 cents. However, they went dark last year and their reporting is extremely sparse, not to mention I don't see any auditing of their results. Their net margin for last year was around 12%. This last quarter net margin was down to around 8.4%.

They don't report enough information for me to continue following the company.

stop following

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