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Sunday, September 10, 2006

CXTI trading volume

The Microcap Speculator mentions unusual trading volume in CXTI stock at the end of Friday.
The stock, which usually trades rather anemically, all of the sudden traded over 350,000 shares in only 15 minutes this afternoon (more than the volume for the entire week until that point and the preceding week combined). I don't see any news or SEC filings that would have precipitated the spike.
On the OTC site, I see from the "Depth/Level II" details for CXTI that there was a single large trade
2.59  500    OBB   15:43:34
2.55 1000 OBB 15:41:21
2.55 2000 OBB 15:40:39
2.54 200 OBB 15:40:36
2.52 500 OBB 15:40:10
2.50 1500 OBB 15:39:33
2.52 2000 OBB 15:39:33
2.52 500 OBB 15:38:31
2.65 351700 OBB 15:33:20
2.50 500 OBB 14:48:10
2.50 1000 OBB 14:33:15
2.50 1000 OBB 14:15:04
2.50 500 OBB 14:14:36
All it looks like to me is simply a large purchase. Perhaps someone put out the word that they wanted a six-figure number of shares and this was what got scrounged up. In any case, it looks more like it was initiated as a purchase and not a sale due to the higher than market price.

Not much else is going on here. I've done some work on a new investment, but at a slow rate.

UPDATE, two days later:
Well, seeing that the market price of CXTI has been going up Monday and Tuesday (so far), I'll concede that Microcap Speculator called this one correctly.

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