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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Heron finally picks up the phone...

...and the crowd goes wild!

ETLT: pink sheets, yahoo, sec, website, list of links

Over on the Raging Bull message board for ETLT, it seems that ETLT's investor relations people finally got a pulse. Most of what you read there should be ignored or taken with sodium chloride granules. But in this case, multiple people indicated Heron finally responded (and the two people don't seem like sock puppets... well, even if they are, it doesn't matter, I'm not buying or selling).

psi_club reports that they said they can't do or say much without authorization from ETLT. That makes sense. Heron received an update for the ETLT website, but it needs to be professionally translated.

dart39va reports that Kathy at Heron said they expect a PR in the next 2 weeks. Partly about mangos. Also some "new electrical program" [oh geez!].

Apparently, that was enough to drive the stock up over 13%. But that's mostly an indication of how low it had gotten.

In other news, no change in the uranium spot price. Still $47.25 per pound of yellowcake. And PPL Corp has applied for production expansion of its Susquehanna nuclear plant.

photo of Inner Mongolia

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