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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Notice the Absence of Advertisements?

Every writing has a target audience and this blog is no different. Mr Rogers (yeah, the neighborhood guy) said that when he spoke to the camera, he would imagine a single child that he was talking to. When Warren Buffett writes his famous shareholder letters, he imagines he's writing to a particular relative (his Aunt?). When I write stuff here, I consider it to be written for a great, yet still undiscovered fund manager at Fideliwedbeareedgreenbairdwitter Management Capital Magnesium Partners. You may have heard of them? But there's also Joe Smith from the town of Centerville Mission Diego, Nevada who reads the blog. Like I said here, this is mostly a wholesale source of information, not for garden variety retail investors.

If you combine all the groups of who might read this blog, it's not going to be a lot of people. So I'm not going to make a lot of money from advertising no matter how much of the total available market I manage to get. On the other hand, it would annoy and insult my target audience of investors, something I'm capable of doing all by myself. The net result is clearly negative. I suppose it would make sense to set up my reading list books to get some sort of kickbacks from Amazon, but I doubt it would add up to much. And all of those things are just useless distractions, unlike my links to kitten photos, 175 year old tortoises, and obscure Japanese videos. You've gotta stay focused on what's important.

So you'll find no advertisements here so long as those things above remain true (which will probably be indefinitely).

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