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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Waiting for ETLT's 10-K

link to ETLT's website news section.
link to ETLT's SEC filings.
link to Yahoo News for ETLT. (moved to here, see UPDATE below)
link to Pink Sheets news for ETLT. (moved to here, see UPDATE below)
link to Google news searching for ETLT.

UPDATE: (and yet another hat tip to Pat)
Well, Heron Public Relations Group says the following:
The auditor for the 2005 year (including E-Sea) was already done back in March. However, the 2004 year results need to be amended due to FASB 133. The calculations are done and Thomas Ledger Co. (the auditors for 2005) are reviewing the results. It could take several days. When Ledger is done reviewing, then the 10-K gets issued, hopefully very soon.

UPDATE 4/21/06:
ETLT now has an "E" at the end of the ticker symbol since they're officially late with the 10-K: ETLTE. The "E" will go away not long after it's filed.

UPDATE 4/25/06:
A little bird whispered in my ear and said, "CHIRP CHIRP!!" No, according to unnamed sources named Pat, apparently the 10-K should be out within a couple of days from today (meaning Thursday or knowing how these things go, Friday).

UPDATE 4/28/06:
As far as I know, EDGAR doesn't post anything after 6:00 PM and it's after 6:00 now. So it looks like we won't see a 10-K until... Monday? Later? I have no idea.

UPDATE 4/29/06:
I posted auditor denied wondering if the same problem happened to ETLT. Seems very unlikely.

UPDATE: 5/2/06:
Well, Pat keeps bugging Heron and they keep coming back with more delays. This time it's almost ready and expected to be filed in several days. I suspect there are issues being hammered out between the new auditors and ETLT. Hell, they might as well tack the Q1 results onto it.

UPDATE: 5/8/06:
Once again, Pat has the latest from Heron who claims it's this week....

UPDATE: 5/15/06:
I liked ETLT at 47 cents, and I like it even more at 38 cents.

UPDATE: 5/16/06:
Pat tells me that Heron is saying Thursday. But of course.

UPDATE: 5/19/06:
It's here

Don't think they will make it.
Not this week.
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