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Friday, April 28, 2006

Nicholas Financial (NICK) Q4 results

NICK (sec)
Q4 results press release:
Year ending March 31, 2006

Net income was $2.94 million (up 24% from prior year), up 8% from $2.72 million in Q3.

Diluted earnings per share were 28 cents, up from 26 cents in Q3 (and 23 cents for Q4 last year). For the year, diluted earnings per share was $1.01 (vs 80 cents last year).
The Company has reported record increases in revenues, net income and earnings per share every year for the past 16 years.
They opened 7 new branch offices during the year (total of 42). They expect another 6-8 more in the upcoming year.

What's the company worth? Oh, maybe $20. Fears of NICK as a sub-prime lender will continue until there's a major downturn in sub-prime lenders and that will hold the price down, no doubt.

UNRELATED UPDATE: So why is the US military intelligence at USAAISC at Fort Huachuca, AZ looking for "iraqi bank mergers isx"? Something like that is a good litmus test: are you comforted that they're doing their job or are you paranoid that they're doing something evil?

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