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Saturday, April 01, 2006

China Expert Technology (CXTI) Temporary Placeholder

I'm currently going through the CXTI 10-K and 8-K documents that were filed on Friday. If I decide that the market either over-reacted and pushed the price down too far or if I decide that the market under-reacted and didn't push the price down far enough, I might not publish anything before the market opens on Monday. I already have a sense for which one it's more likely to be (if any). The information is all right there in public documents.

UPDATE April 2, 2006:
A regular reader of this blog emailed me with their opinion and suggested that I should post my views before the market opens (I'm still working on the documents). That brings up some very good and important points about my relationship with 1) regular readers, 2) people who find this stuff by searching and other not-regular readers. I posted my disclosure to address the issue, but it's not surprising that eventually I'd need better clarification. So I'm adding a new post later today to go into my additional thoughts about disclosure.

Hi Bruce:

Can you confirm in any way that ETLT was to file a 10Q yesterday, friday 31st?

People on various message boards were of this belief but I never saw on what basis they did so.

Reportedly ETLT has a history of filing late and some say no big deal. I view it as a big deal.

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