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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Uranium spot price jumps up a dollar

The spot price of uranium jumped up by $1.00 this week to $39.50.

The news is more of the same:

TVA considers building reactors in Jackson County, Northern Alabama. The New York Times notes that there's lots of talk and little action in terms of a "nuclear renaissance".

Of course there's the US-India agreements on nuclear power.

And there's Russia's plans to build 2 reactors per year.

UPDATE March 14, 2006 (a week later):
The spot price is now up another 50 cents to $40.00.
In the news, two new reactors to be built in Karachi, Pakistan... the US-India nuclear deal could be worth $100 billion... The US Dept of Energy is offering to sell up to 200 metric tons of natural uranium hexaflouride... last ninute changes made EU energy paper more pro-nuclear... but another source claims they will be neutral on nuclear power.

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