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Thursday, February 16, 2006

investment blogs to avoid ("pink sheets are crisp in June")

The Hunter of Stirling
The Hunter is always looking for investment opportunities and tips on how to the beat the market. He might even share his own tips from time to time.
So he writes two posts: one at five minutes till noon about shorting PFGC stock, then five minutes later, he writes a short blurb about golf, all of this on May 10 back in 2004. The stock dropped a bit after May 10, but not all that much.

Two days later, a real estate broker in Florida starts a blog that ends up with only half as many posts as The Hunter. It's amazing how many one-post blogs there are .

But the blog that really takes the prize is this one. Yes, because some teenage girl says "Pink sheets are crisp in June" and writes a few blog entries nearly 3 years ago, my blog ends up being pink-sheets and not pinksheets. Sigh.
we went to pizza hut after our game and i was so stuffed. i ate so much, it was delish. after my game i took a very long nap and woke up around 7 o'clock. then i chilled at brets with jt marisa and jordan. we watched the slam dunk/3 point contest.
You go, girl!

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