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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Eternal Technologies (ETLT) Wal*Mart Mangoes

ETLT thinks about selling mangoes to Wal*Mart...

...and the crowd goes wild!!

Yeah, I know. The jump in the stock price today looks like someone jumping into the pool and making a splash. It probably had nothing to do with MANGOES TO WAL*MART!!!

Maybe it was the "Pechala Reports" released Monday:


Although I like the Mango theory.
I read the report. Hahaha! What a waste of $15. I hate feeding these people because they'll just make more of this junk. It says almost nothing. Just a bunch of charting mumbo-jumbo, and not even very good or detailed charting mumbo-jumbo. It looks like it's created by an automated script.

I wasted my money so you won't have to.
I took a peek at pechala.com and they sounded like chartists, so I did not bother buying the report.

Sorry I failed to mention that part and you wasted your money :-(. Add one to the number of beers I plan to buy you one of these days.
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