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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

CPI Aerostructures (CVU)

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I've been invested in CVU since late March 2005. It was a ValueInvestorsClub writeup. It's listed on AMEX. My cost basis is slightly below (UPDATE: way below) where it's selling right now. I don't expect to do a big writeup on it here.

Q4 2005 Results
director resigns
meaningless attaboy, June 28, 2006
CVU gets some business
CVU snags another win, Sept 14, 2006
C-5 contract addition, Sept 2, 2006
more business, Sept 27, 2006
CVU is on a roll, Oct 4, 2006
Q4 results, March 29, 2007
2007 10-K, March 29, 2008 (yeah, it's been a year since it posted details about this stock)

Have you lost money with CVU? I looked at the 1 year line graph on Yahoo! finance and it doesn't look good.

On a completely unrelated note, Strathmore continues to do well. I'm glad I was able to pick it up when I did.
I'm about even with CVU, overall up 0.92% to be exact. I bought it at various times in the last year.

It's difficult to know what will happen with Strathmore in the short term. But the spot price of uranium went up another 50 cents to $40.50 and just about all the news about the future is good. I was worried about it last year looking at all the companies jumping into the field, but they're later in the cycle than Strathmore and given the continued wide imbalance between supply and demand, there's room for lots of producers.
Bruce, what's your opinion regarding ECGI? Any comments?

Also, have you changed your opinion after you sold ETLT?
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