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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sunwin (SUWN) humorous press release

Here's a humorous press release:

WallStreet Research, a prominent equity research boutique led by Alan Stone, Managing Director of Alan Stone & Company, LLC, announced today that it has released an update report continuing coverage with a speculative strong buy recommendation of Sunwin International Neutraceuticals, Inc.

You might think differently about this when you read the fine print:

Sunwin International Neutraceuticals Inc. has paid a fee of $5,000 to Alan Stone & Company, LLC in conjunction with the preparation and distribution of this update report, as well as a fee of $10,000 for a prior version of the report in the past, and has committed for $5,000 for future update reports.

But what's even funnier is that the stock went up substantially after the press release came out. It's things like this that renew my faith in the irrationality of the stock market. And how could I make any money if the market was totally rational?

UPDATE Jan 5, 2006:
Ok, so here it is, the next day, and the stock price fell back down to where it was. Was that worth $5,000? or $20,000 for the whole thing? No way. This just confirms my decision not to invest in SUWN here and here and here.

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