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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Eternal Technologies (ETLT) More on the E-Sea clinic work

The ETLT website news section has more details on the E-Sea mammagram clinic work being done by the company.

13,683 women were tested in 2005 [during only 2 months according to the separate press release]. ETLT was paid $5.00 each (total of $68,415). Imagine how much that would cost in the US. $100? This doesn't surprise me. When I was in India, medical costs there were unbelievably low (even by doctors trained in the West and better than most I might find in the US). It would be cheaper for me to fly to India and have a dental root canal and cap done by a top notch dentist than having it done down the street.
Eternal Technologies Group, Inc. (ETLT: OB) (“Eternal”) today announced that by the end of 2005, the last woman who was also the 13683rd one accepted mammary gland examination. More than 5% of the women who took the examination that year showed usual symptoms, and they were transferred to medical specialists for further examinations.

Being equipped with various mammary gland instrumentations and establishing examination stations has been the new profit model for the company. E-SEA has already signed agreement with China Women Primary Healthcare Fund International aiming to provide “China Women Health Project” with its products and to receive examination fees as a better return.

This business model starts with Longgang District, Shenzhen, China, where resides about one million women who have reached childbearing age. Most of them are working class women from all over the country who are low-paid, hard working, and rarely go for health examinations. E-SEA has signed a six-year agreement with local government to provide mammary gland examinations for women in this area. Local health authority pays RMB 40.00(U.S$5.00) for every examination conducted, and sets up health profile for every examined woman. As the government covers the examination fees, women are all willing to accept the examinations. The total examination fees of RMB 540,000.00 (U.S$68,000.00) received from 13,683 examined women is two-month revenue from only one station. Assume every instrumentation has a usage life of 5 years, this could raise RMB 500,000.00 revenue, which is 5 times the selling profit of a single instrumentation.

The corporation values more with the way to sell examination instrumentations through setting up examination stations as it avoids the risk of losing intellectual property rights and copyrights. Moreover, it prevents misdiagnoses from false operations of the instrumentations since all technicians have been properly trained.

In 2006, E-SEA is planning to establish 4 to 6 examination centres. Number of women to be examined will exceed 500,000, which will bring RMB 20 millions revenue for the corporate.

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