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Thursday, January 12, 2006

A batch of raw sewage

These (and the 50 or so after them) never went through a first tier filter, so it's nearly all garbage. Anything without a bold label is a "not interested".

VBAL (sec), a bank.

VCBC (sec), a bank.

VECG (no sec filings), a sugar company. Not sure which side of the sugar tariff they're on.

VCST (sec), video and audio communications over networks... yawn. Money loser.

VGPO (sec), hotel and restaurants. Money loser.

VIAI (sec), Paramount buying DreamWorks. This could be something great, I have no idea. Feel free to take advantage of it.

VISRF (sec), Yet Another Database Company. Money loser.

VMHVF (sec), Sell and rent DVDs over the Internet. Money loser.

VOII (sec), VOIP. I already looked at this, no? Huge money loser anyway.

APTD (sec), Yet another Internet stock market business. Horrible money loser.

APYM (sec), credit card transaction processing in China. Horrible money loser for now, but is in development stage.
worth following

ARME (sec), no operations.

UFBV (sec), management in search of something to manage. Horrible money loser.

UGTRF (sec), money loser.

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