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Thursday, November 10, 2005

more companies

ONEA, real estate and mortgage brokerage. Buy/sell apartments, industrial, office, retial, multi-family, single-family, hotels, resorts, land. Southern Nevada. Tough to pass on this one, it's selling for $5.99 with a P/E of 3.5.
Might be interesting during/after a real estate crash

IMDD, biomed. losing money from operations, but had a one-time gain-on-sale of subsidiary.
not interested

IMFN, South American telecom company. Own and operation 15 MAN networks. Data centers, IP services. Going concern qualification. Weak balance sheet. Losing money.
not interested

IMMD, pretty good gross margins, reasonable net margins. Earned 1.5 cents in 2004 (lost 1 cent in 2003). No other financial information, but they're working really, really hard on an audit. Without more info, I can't make an investment decision. Share are selling for 4.5 cents.
worth following for audit results

IMSI, serial acquirer. CAD software and other software. At least they admit their mistakes. "We lead the market for house plans sold over the Internet...." 65% gross margins. Negative (-29%) operating losses. Unstable, unpredictable.
not interested

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