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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

This blog is worth... thousands

According to Business Opportunities Weblog, this blog, pink-sheets.blogspot.com, is worth $2,822.70. I think that's an overvaluation. I mean, just look at the distinct lack of a mission statement, the small number of employees, the lack of an independent board of directors, the lack of SOX compliance, the fact that I was banned from the actual pink sheets website for over a month, and my results are unaudited.

Bruce, never sell yourself short! Your blog might be worth that and many times more. It is just like art...I laugh sometimes at what people will pay. I am toying with selling or closing my business so...

More seriously, have been reading your site for the last few weeks and really enjoy it. I would be interested in hearing more about being banned from the pink sheets, though.
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