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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Clean Systems Technology (CSTM)

This company (website) specializes in the design, manufacture, and installation of ultra high purity gas and chemical systems. They're based in Israel and much of their business has been in Italy. Beginning last year, something happened to the company. I don't know what. Their last 10-K was in June 2004 (for Dec 31, 2003). The very next day, they issued Q2 and Q3 of 2003 quarterly reports. At the end of March 2005, they dismissed their accountants. Then on April 14, 2005, they issued Q1, Q2, and Q3 reports for 2004. Since then they've been silent. Website updates seemed to end in the middle of 2004. The stock still gets some mild trading and the price bounces around. Why?

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