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Friday, August 05, 2005

operational leverage

I had this brilliant idea to automate the processes which can easily be automated using various scripts in various languages. I do this a lot, and on a large scale, so it's not like I don't know what I'm doing. So after gaining experience walking through the pink sheets, I figured it was time for some automation. Two weeks ago I thought it would take a week. In all fairness, I was done a week ago, but it turns out the people who run the pink sheets website don't seem to take kindly to downloading too much information too quickly. I had even added some reasonable amount of delay in order to avoid flooding their website. But apparently not enough.

It's fairly easy to use a shell account on some server somewhere to appear as someone else. I've already done that. But the problem is I still need the information, and it looks like I need to pick it up in other places. So the past week I've been working on that. I'll still get some of the information from the pink sheets website, but the bulk will come from elsewhere... and a lot more slowly.

I only made the initial attempt at automation because I could see that it was do-able. But now it's a lot more difficult and I'm hitting snags all over the place. I hope to be operational again by Sunday.

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