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Monday, June 20, 2005

LVWD: Peter Friedman

The CEO of LiveWorld has done a lot of good stuff. Chris Christensen has a short history lesson. And there are others, too. Peter Friedman was one of the CEOs that Apple spawned.

I've certainly seen my share of project disasters that should not have been. I worked along with two people who would later become the CEO and chief technology officer of Sonus Networks when they were back at Motorola. We lost an enormous amount of money with 150 engineers working on a networking switch. Motorola closed the project and laid off most of the employees.

And then there's this:
UPDATE: Someone informed me that this is not the same Peter Friedman, although he's talking about Apple marketing. I verified this myself with a little more checking.

And then there's this quote:
"Our results indicate that the best way to address concerns about inappropriate content for children isn't more technology or more laws, rather it's more of Mom and Dad learning about the Web and hanging out online with their kids," said Peter Friedman, chief executive officer and chairman of Talk City [link added]. "Teens are willing to have their parents join in their online adventures -- it's up to parents to make sure that the Internet doesn't become the latchkey of the 21st Century."
Here's an interesting interview from 1996 (and notice the dire predictions from Robert Metcalfe that didn't exactly happen as planned).

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