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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Help Wanted

I'm thinking about hiring one of the neighborhood kids to sift through companies and fill out a checklist spreadsheet. I may even hire someone somewhere like India to do the same thing.

Hey Bruce,

Dunno if you will check this but it seems pretty intersting reading about your Help. You have some great stocks covered in your lists and if you want any help, well i can do it (for a fee of course)....and by the way I am from INDIA.

Reply to this msg if u r interested and i'll drop in my mail id. Thanks.

I get an email whenever someone posts a comment anywhere, so I saw this immediately. I currently have 2 people working for me and the work is probably going to be winding down, but it's very likely that I will need additional work. Go ahead and put your email address on here (use any anti-spam techniques you want to keep automated spam from seeing it). I'll delete the comment after I see it so it won't be up there for long.

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